6. SonicSunsets

SonicSunsets, July 2012. Curated by David Goodman.

A program with reprecussions.

Sound is sent out into the sunset sky.

Sound Presentations held on two evenings in July. Each curated in a different location—Artists present either a recording or perform live. Space is limited in select locations/roofs. However, sound travels and the audience becomes the entire neighborhood and the entire city.

Program begins promptly at time of sunset (NYC) with a moment of silence curated by the artist(s) presenting.

I. 7/5/2012. 8:30pm.  sound by Anatoly Belov and Bradley Alexander. Guitar, Vocals, Mixer. In celebration for their  Improvised Recordings release with Lake and Only.

II. 7/26/2012. 8:18pm. sound by The Seagull. Raised Parked Car-Lot, Lafayette Street. Soho. On the roof of The Seagull (Station Wagon) raised on hydrolic parking lift. Guitars, Percussion, Vocals