1. The Forgettable Landscape

The Forgettable Landscape, 01/2012

The modern landscape has shifted towards the digital. As a result, our individual space and connection to history is challenged and, as a populous, we have started to shy away from the actual environments we inhabit and into spaces with defined perimeters of both visual and means of exchange.

The artists included are indebted to the world around them for inspiration and, in some cases, the materials for their physical creative processes.  

Artists included: David Goodman, Russell Maltz, George Herms, Peter Eiserman, Douglas Takeshi Wolf, Vadis Turner, Kim Sooja, The House of Ninja, Joshua Seidner, The Joshua Light Show.

David Goodman:

Current History, 8×6 ft 2012. Paint, Graphite, Marker, Leather, Plastic on Paper.

Russell Maltz:

ACCU-FLO – 1998
Enamel on Firewood
Kunsthaus Baselland, Switzerland

George Herms:

George Herms,Shoe Tree,1983,Assemblage

Kim Sooja:

A Needle Woman, 1999 – 2001

Stills from Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China), Mexico City (Mexico), London (England), Delhi (India), New York (U.S.A), Cairo (Egypt), Lagos (Nigeria) 8 channel video installation, silent, 6:33 loop.

Performance and Photography (documentation)

Joshua Light Show: (performance/installation)

Performances by the House of Ninja:
(Iona Rozeal Brown’s battleofyestermorrow)

Joshua Seidner:

Powder Burn. Sequence: Jumpen


Peter Eiserman:
House II: selection of images and, arch. models

Figure 3: Eisenman’ axonometric analysis diagram of Terragni’s Casa del Fascio: layering of frontal planes, Figure 4: Eisenman’s House II: a layered reading or interpretation; actual vs implied

Doug Takeshi Wolf:

Napoli Study # 5
Digital C Print

30″x40″ & 50″x60″ edition of 5

Luciana Sei Bella
Digital C Print
30″x40″ & “50×60″ edition of 5

Digital C Print
30″x40″ & 50″x60″ edition of 5

Vadis Turner

Storm and Fire   2011  (45in x 36in x 8in)    ribbon, clothing, antique quilts, mixed media