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Me and MuMu, Mather’s Point Grand Canyon Dec 2012. Photo; Lara Suarez

I am a cultural producer and I map my history through pattern and form.

As such, I interpret forms experienced in the environment—which changes based on my location and physical movement through the landscape.

My approach to a project is in a manner comparable to archeology (the reconstruction of the visual landscape premised on its trace.) At the core of the image making, is the science of looking and understanding how I identify with the world.

As a means to present visual iconography, my process results in constructed compositions built from studio and industrial materials, and mementos from the field.

At the core of the image making, is the science of direct observation. Both an additive and subtracted engagement, the successive applications, which transform their material(s) with each passing mark, result in patterns that are connected to both systems of reading language, and coding that envelopes mass communication and consumption. The skeins of content serve as a way to address function, power, comprehension, history and experience.

This is a means to create my own language while substantively defining and solidifying a personal context within the contemporary conversation of art (image) making.

SUCHAGOODMAN.COM houses Goodman’s work and documentation of experience.