David Goodman lives and works in NYC and Santa Fe, New Mexico. A 2014 Whitney Biennial participant (Critical Practices Inc.), Goodman completed his MFA at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN ’01) and BFA at Boston University (CFA, ’99). Goodman produces assembled paintings which map history through pattern and form.  His recent past exhibitions and shows include Barely There (Jack Geary Contemporary June 2014), Flags (LaunchF18 NYC, June 2014),  Out To See (NYC May 2014), An Ambition: Habit (Miami Dec 2013) and An Ambition: Defference (Studio Vendome April 2014), AIM Biennial (Bronx Museum of Fine Arts May 2013) and his work has been exhibited at The New Museum (NYC), 21StProjects (NYC), BoxoProjects (NYC, Joshua Tree,CA), and District Foundation (Berlin). Included in the International Collage Center’s permanent collection, Goodman is a Bronx Museum AIM Fellow (2012), Post-Studio Tales residency-as-exhibition recipient (Berlin 2012), and BoxoHouse Resident (Joshua Tree, CA 2012). Cultural endeavors include redesign, editorial direction and development for BOMB Magazine’s online platforms,, and writing for BOMB Magazine, BlackBook Magazine, PerfectWave Magazine and various exhibition catalogues, curatorial projects (Skowheghan School of Painting and Sculpture, JUDD Foundation, and the web-series of collections In Context To Others). He actively participates in education as a Visiting Artist/Critic and Adjunct faculty (RISD, Rowan University, Pratt, SVA) and as a consultant with New York Foundation of the Arts. In 2011, Goodman partnered with Saul Ostrow and Susan Bowman to form Critical Practices Inc ( As part of the Executive Board (Secretary) and the Director of Projects and Programs he facilitates platforms for critical discourse including presentations of artworks, publications and round-table discussions. Recently launching Public Interface; new participatory programs that engage community in contemporary issues which effect cultural production. Past PI.LTR programming includes VOLTA NY (2014), First Street Green (NYC 2014), Photoville (NYC 2014), Poznan Mediations Biennial (2014), and Site Projects (New Haven, CT, 2014)). Currently CPI is developing think-tanks for an educational initiative called Newark LAB (Fall 2015). Goodman will present new works in a solo exhibition at Jack Geary Contemporary, NYC in May 2015.



May 2015, Jack Geary Contemporary, NYC. INFO TBD


The Summer Show, The Committee, 345 Broome Street, NYC. July 2014
Barely There Curated by Vadis Turner, Jack Geary Contemporary, NYC. June 2014
Whitney Biennial, Critical Practices Inc. New York City. March 2014
VOLTA NY, Critical Practices Inc. PILTR (Public Interface LaTableRonde) NEW FORM – NEW RULES. New York City. March 2014
Drawing on Difference: An Ambition curated by Saul Ostrow and Lidija Slavkovic. Studio Vendome, New York City. March 2014
Out To See, Curated by Sara Reisman. New York City. March 2014

Drawing on Habit: An Ambition curated by Saul Ostrow and Lidija Slavkovic. Miami, FL. December 2013
Mapping The Unfamiliar, BOXOHouse Residency Survey, NYC. Sept 2013
International Collage Center (ICC), NYC. Permanent Collection. June 2013
AIM BIANNUAL, Bronx Museum Of Art. JUNE-SEPT 2013
DORSKY PROJECTS, LIC. PANEL DISCUSSION. Moderator: “The State of Sculpture – Part 2: On Installations” JUNE 2013 (Bill Albertini, Russell Maltz, Robert Gero)
BLANKSLATE SPACE, Frankfurt, Germany. APRIL 2013
RE:STRUCTURE FORMIV, David Goodman and Jay Paavonpera. MARCH 2013
BlackBook Magazine, Gutai Exhibition (article), FEB 2013
BlackBook Magazine, Jay Defeo Retrospective (article) FEB 2013
PRATT, NYC. Guest Critic, First Year Architecture. FEB 2013
RE:STRUCTURE FORMIII, David Goodman and Jay Paavonpera. JAN 2013
BoxoHouse Residency.Joshua Tree, CA. JAN 2013

RE:STRUCTURE FORMII, David Goodman and Jay Paavonpera. NOV 2012
I DANCED FOR YOU @ Hanson Stern NYC, OCT 2012
NO AGE, David Goodman and Noah Becker, LAUNCH F18, NYC. OCT 2012
RE:STRUCTURE FORMI, David Goodman and Jay Paavonpera. MARCH—AUG 2012
PROBLEMS, Raphael Linsi and Pedro Wirz, Kunstraum Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. May-July 2012. Including sculptures designed by invited artists: Anatoly Belov, Bradley Alexander, David Goodman, Florine Leoni, Laura McLardy, Sarah Elliott, Thomas Jeppe, Tina Kämpe and Wojciech Kosma.
CNNCTD+ 100, BLVCK America, New Museum, NYC. May 2012. David Goodman, Joshua Seidner, Saheer Umar, Genoa Mungin, Sabine Rogers, Jeremy Lewis, Alan Schaffer, Rodan Tekle, Michelle Wang.
Post-Studio Tales, District Foundation, Berlin. April 2012. Curated by Ulrike Gerhardt, Friedemann Heckle and John Beeson.Finnisage, District Foundation, Berlin. April 2012. Anna Möller, Anatoly Belov, Bradley Alexander, Burk Koller, David Goodman, Flavia Spichtig, Florine Leoni, Konrad Mühe, Laura McLardy, Martin Kohout, Mitya Churikov, Pedro Wirz, Raphael Linsi, Sarah Elliott, Thomas Jeppe, Tina Kämpe, Wilhelm Klotzek, Wojciech Kosma. Curated by Ulrike Gerhardt, Friedemann Heckle and John Beeson.
PERFECT WAVE Magazine, 2012
AIM, Artist in Marketplace Residency Fellowship. Bronx Museum of Art. 2012

New Painting, 21STPROJECTS, Curated by Saul Ostrow. May 2011-August 2011
The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn April 2011
perhaps we meet, Boxoffice Projects, NYC. Curated by Bernard Leibov. Artists include: Diane Best, Tina Bluefield, David Goodman, John Luckett, Randy Polumbo. December 11 2010 – February 5 2011

Nothing But a Suitcase, Basel, CH concurrent with the exhibition “The Amazone Conversation, April 10 until April 21, 2010 (
Hanging Out at Hermes und der Pfau, 22.04.2010, Music collaboration with artist John Beeson.

Remains of the Day, Lyons Weir Gallery, NYC, curated by Vadis Turner, featuring artwork by Ivin Ballen, Carlton DeWoody, Graham Gillmore, David Goodman, Midori Harima, Cassandra C. Jones, Mike Quinn, Leslie Roberts, and Saya Woolfalk whose work serves as evidence of circumstances from the past. The work visualizes the documentation of time or a construction born from a deconstructive process. AUGUST 2009