Ground Histories, 2019

JULY 19 – AUGUST 25, 2019

Curated by Will Corwin

Including Roberto Visani, Kris Rac, Heidi Lau , David Goodman, Ala Dehghan, Will Corwin

David Goodman creates layered sculptures originating with a recognizable fundamental structure, in the case of “Departures/Bed/Castle” a tent or house, and specifically a defensible one. This form is then festooned and coated with meaning. Working with his daughter, from which the motivation to create forts originated, Goodman adds recycled works of art (a typical process for him), and modifications like pink velvet ribbon and plastic caution tape. David invites the viewer to activate the sculpture by entering the space and looking up at the angled roof of the piece, the underside of which has been painted in a glitter approximation of the Milky Way. . .

Each of the six artists in Ground Histories utilizes geological strategies to generate meaning in their practices, either by mimicking or portraying these formations, as with the ceramics of Heidi Lau, the repetitive cast enclosures and columns of Will Corwin, and the projections of Ala Dehghan; recreating landscape-based monuments in a gallery setting, like Kris Rac’s grave markers and David Goodman’s tents or huts; or, by invoking these forces of nature or deities themselves, as in the abstract figurations of Roberto Visani. The spacious renovation of PS122 gallery offers a comfortable setting to wander through a miniature garden of Folies, a virtual park of scenic intrusions and extrusions meant to be read as an encyclopedia of stories, personal narratives, historical references and ritual sites rising from the surrounding environment.