SPIELPLATZ March 24-April 21 2017

Speilplatz is a small exhibition utilizing small sculptures and works that inhabit three dimensions. The works are drawn from the back-catalog and worktables of each artist’s practice, with the aim to collect pieces that are experiments, alternative paths, and possibly discontinued thought processes.

The installation takes a cue from the Land of Counterpane and Giacometti’s “The Palace at 4am”, a series of objects positioned within two dioramas or stages. Pieces visually (not physically) interact, offering an implied drama or narrative of sorts, while also representing the fluid and engaging world of the constantly spinning wheels of the artist’s lines of investigation and consideration.

Artists: Brendan Burzinski, David Goodman, Elisabeth Kley, Jesse Holmes, Leslie Baum, Rico Gatson, Russel Maltz, Sarah Goffstein, Tommy Mintz, Vadis Turner, William Corwin